Swty LED Gaming Mouse

Perfect For The Xbox One, PS4 or PC


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 7-Button Comfort Design

We designed the Swty LED Gaming Mouse to be America's leading gaming mouse for Fortnite dubs. Yes, we said it, dubs. Play seamlessly with our premium built 7-button mouse. The Swty LED Mouse first comes equipped with 2 side-mount buttons that can be pressed by your thumb. Second, it has a side-cart button attached to the top left of the left mouse-click button allowing you to quickly reach your index finger over from the left mouse-click to your extra button for quick and easy access. Last but not least, we cant forget about the scroll wheel and mini button beneath it. You can assignment a key-bind to both your scroll wheel itself when it's pressed, as well as the mini button below it on the top face of the mouse. Not only did we add professionally placed buttons to the Swty LED Gaming Mouse, but we even designed this mouse with a perfect comfort fit to allow you to easily grip, hold and use our mouse for long periods of time without any discomfort.


 Fast 5500 DPI

The Swty LED Gaming Mouse is designed by gamers for gamers. With that being said, we know how important it is to acquire the ability to have the first move against any opponent in any game. We crafted this mouse with a fast moving design and a very quick 5500 DPI responsive rate. Our Swty LED Gaming Mouse will easily place you above any other players who are stuck using basic gaming equipment and controllers. Build quicker, get the first move in any gun-fight, and move quickly to get your desired height advantage on your enemies with the Swty LED Mouse. 



 RGB LED Display

Not only will you be on top of your game with our Swty LED Gaming Mouse, but you will be gaming in style with our modern RGB LED display! We even designed the Swty Mouse to ensure your LEDs aren't too bright to distract you during your game while still looking sleek and in style.


 Works on Any Console

Game with the Swty LED Mouse on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC. We designed our game-changing mouse with a USB cable allowing you to connect it to any console's USB port. If you don't have enough available USB ports on your console, we recommend purchasing a USB extension to plug into your console and provide more open USB ports for you to use! Our mouse will operate on any USB connection on any console, however, for the LEDs to activate the mouse must be connected to a high-powered 3.0 USB port. 



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