Portable JUUL Charging Case


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  • Charge Your JUUL Anytime, Anywhere¬†ūüėć
  • Works As A Carrying Case Too!
  • Holds 1x JUUL device and 4x JUUL pods
  • See how much battery your charging case has left with the LED display
  • Hold long charges on-the-go by simply placing your¬†JUUL back into the carrying case, allowing¬†it to stay fully charged
  • Charge the carrying case battery via USB cable or a wall outlet to keep your¬†JUUL charged throughout the day
  • Fully recharges your JUUL several times with it's large 1200mAh battery capacity
  • Includes 1x Carrying Case & 1x USB Charging Cable
  • JUUL device & pods NOT included
  • We are not affiliated by the JUUL trademark
  • Makes For A Perfect Holiday Gift
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Carry Your JUUL In Style While Keeping It FULLY Charged! ūüĒ•

We've all been there... No more losing JUUL pods or getting pissed when you need to hit your JUUL and come to find out it's dead. Our Portable JUUL Charging Case is a game changer! Once you start using it, you will never go back. Tightly holds 1 JUUL device with an attached pod as well as 3 additional pods. Our carrying case snaps shut with a magnetic strap, holding your JUUL and JUUL accessories 100% secure. Since the case holds a separate charge, you can keep your JUUL at full battery throughout the entire day, then simply charge the carrying case at night with or without your JUUL in it. NEVER miss a JUUL hit when you need one again! 

  • Never miss a JUUL hit again
  • Carry in style with 1 of our 3 popular colors
  • JUUL¬†freely anytime, anywhere
  • Keep your JUUL charged all day, every day!¬†

    How To Use:

    1. Charge the carrying case via included USB cable until LED display indicates a full 100% charge. (If you would like to charge your JUUL siamotainously, simply make sure it's placed in the carrying case as the carrying case is being charged. This will allow both the carrying case and JUUL device to charge.)
    2. Place your JUUL in the case so it can stay fully charged while you're out and about.
    3. JUUL worry free all day long!

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