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Wireless EarPods

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  • Listen To Music Completely Wireless 😍
  • Works For Music, Phone Calls, & Videos
  • Compatible with any device that has Bluetooth, this includes both iPhones and Androids
  • Be discrete with the original EarBud design, just without the wires
  • Hold long charges on-the-go by simply placing your EarPods back into the carrying case, allowing them to recharge
  • Charge the carrying case battery via USB cable or a wall outlet to keep your EarPods charged throughout the day
  • Lasts up to 4 hours of consistent listening per charge
  • Includes 1x Carrying Case, 2x EarPods, 1x USB Charging Cables
  • Makes For A Perfect Holiday Gift
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Listen To Music Freely Without The Wires & Tangles! 🔥

No more untangling cables, using Wireless EarPods is a game changer! Once you start using these, you will never go back. Just open the case and pop them in your ears. That easy! Use them for music, movies, talking on the phone, using voice assistant, and more. Bluetooth EarPods last for 2-4 hours. Since the case holds a separate charge, you can keep your EarPods at 100% battery by simply placing them back in the carry case. Getting sound to your ears has never been this hassle free and convenient

  • Never deal with tangled wires again
  • Look stylish with 1 of our 5 popular colors
  • Listen freely anytime, anywhere
  • Never go back to wired earbuds again..

How To Use:

  1. Press and hold both buttons on each ear phone until you hear the tone, this means the EarPods are ON
  2. Then double click the button on one of the EarPods to put it in pairing mode
  3. Go to your bluetooth settings on your phone and you should see "i7s tws" bluetooth device to connect to, simply select it and happy listening! (Note: If you see two devices, cancel the pairing, turn off the EarPods and turn off the bluetooth on your phone and retry steps 1-3)

How To Charge:

  • To charge the EarPods themselves, put them inside the case and power ON the case with the front facing power button
  • To charge the carry case, plug it into an outlet by using the included USB cable and wait for a blue light to indicate a full charge

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