Swty LED Gaming Keyboard

Perfect For The Xbox One, PS4 or PC


More Wins GUARANTEED, Or Your Money-Back!


 Mechanical Design

We designed the Swty LED Gaming Keyboard to be America's leading gaming keyboard for Fortnite dubs. Yes, we said it, dubs. Play seamlessly with our perfect 104 mechanical feeling keys. Our keyboard is designed to feel 80% mechanical, giving you just the perfect amount of mechanical click that is necessary to play like a pro streamer, while at the same time leaving out that loud annoying click sounds that competing mechanical keyboards have an issue with. Be on top of your game, and take ahold of the advantage you will have over other players who are using controllers while you are using our Swty LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse to have the best accuracy and gameplay like the pros!


✓ Fast Key-binds

The Swty LED Gaming Keyboard is designed by gamers for gamers. With that being said, we know how important it is to acquire the ability to have the first move against any opponent in any game. We crafted this keyboard with a slick mechanical design, leaving just the perfect amount of airspace between each key for the quickest and most efficient use. Our Swty LED Gaming Keyboard will easily place you above any other players who are stuck using basic gaming equipment and controllers. Build quicker, get the first move in any gun-fight, and move quickly to get your desired height advantage on your enemies with the Swty Keyboard. 



✓ 100% Waterproof

Say goodbye to broken equipment and ruined gaming setups. We built our Swty Gaming Keyboard to be prepared for any spill any intense gamer may experience. Whether it was accidental, or on purpose, our keyboard will survive any spill or mess and is 100% rated waterproof. As gamers, we know how much it sucks to spill on your equipment and get stuck buying a whole new setup, so we alleviated that worry when we designed the game-changing Swty LED Gaming Keyboard!


✓ RGB LED Display

Not only will you be on top of your game with our Swty LED Gaming Keyboard, but you will be gaming in style with our modern RGB LED display! Switch between a constant bright color mode and a breathing rainbow mode with the simple click of a single button. We even designed the Swty Keyboard to have 3 different brightness modes so you can set your keyboard to just the perfect brightness allowing you to see which keys you need to press while in an intense gun-fight, while ensuring they aren't too bright to distract you during your game. 


 Works on Any Console

Game with the Swty LED Keyboard on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC. We designed our game-changing keyboard with a USB cable allowing you to connect it to any console's USB port. If you don't have enough available USB ports on your console, we recommend purchasing a USB extension to plug into your console and provide more open USB ports for you to use! The LEDs on our product will light up and operate fully functional when connected to any console via USB cable.



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