Wolf-Pack Z1 Gaming Headset


Perfect For The Xbox One, PS4, PC, or Mobile


More Wins GUARANTEED, Or Your Money-Back!


Noise Cancelling Design

We designed the Wolf-Pack Z1 to be America's leading gaming headset for Fortnite dubs. Yes, we said it, dubs. Don't worry about background noise distracting you while you're in the middle of an intense game, with the Wolf-Pack Z1 you'll have perfect noise cancellation from our premium memory foam ear cups. Not only does our memory foam provide comfort, but it also blocks out all unwanted background sounds allowing you to focus all game, every game.


Surround-Sound Quality

Hear enemy footsteps as they approach from any angle with our next-generation optical surround-sound quality. Never get caught off-guard or killed from behind with the Wolf-Pack Z1 Gaming Headset. The Wolf-Pack Z1 was created by gamers for gamers, and with that being said, we knew how important surround-sound quality is when becoming a pro gamer or streamer. Enjoy our high quality 104±3dB stereo studio-sounding speakers with 32Ω resistance. 


Comfort-Rated Fit

Game for hours in comfort with the Wolf-Pack Z1. Our suspension-style headband automatically conforms to your head and is designed for prestige comfort during long periods of use. Wolf-Pack's memory foam ear cups seal out unwanted noises while fitting ergonomically around your ears at a strength that isn't too tight but not too loose. 



Works on Any Console

Game with the Wolf-Pack Z1 on your Xbox One, PS4, PC, or Mobile device. We designed our game-changing headset with a 3.5mm audio connector to plug directly into your mobile device or console controller. Please note that certain older Xbox controllers do not come equipped with a female 3.5mm socket, if this is the case with your current controller, you will need to purchase a 3.5mm adapter to directly connect your Wolf-Pack Z1 to your Xbox controller. However, if you have a newer Xbox One, the Wolf-Pack Z1 will plug directly into your controller.


 Fully Portable

The Wolf-Pack Z1 is 360 degree bendable and retractable, allowing you to easily store your headset anywhere and bring it everywhere. We also supply a 1.6m length tangle-free braided wire with each purchase, so you have a wide mobility while gaming and aren't restricted between your controller and headset. Our tangle-free braided wire design ensures longevity, portability and no audio quality loss. As gamers, we were sick of always dropping our controllers and headsets... So we designed the Wolf-Pack Z1 with it's long cable to fix this problem and prevent drops, or even worse, breaks!



✓ 100% Flexible

Not only is the Wolf-Pack Z1 headset itself 360 degree flexible, but so is the attached microphone! Our noise-canceling microphone boom perfectly captures your voice and simultaneously eliminates unwanted background noises. The humanized mic cover ensures superior microphone quality, while it's built-in mute control on the microphone ensures you are only heard when you want to be. 


✓ Easy Volume Control

Easily be in control of your Wolf-Pack Z1's audio volume with it's built-in volume controlling scroll wheel. Perfect for those intense moments when you need to either spike your volume up to listen for approaching enemy footsteps from any direction, or when you need to drop your volume down during loud length gunfights. Or just when you get that loud annoying noob in your squad who doesn't know how to move his mic away from his mouth. Whatever your situation may be, the Wolf-Pack Z1 has got you covered!


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